No straps! 
No wires! 

No electricity!

Discerning between lies and the truth can save you time, money, and guard your safety!  Take AmCor’s®* 60-minute, two-step Deception Detection Training Program (DDTP) and become a human lie detector!  Increase your “decept-ability” by 22%**!    

AmCor's DDTP applies patented Interpersonal Suspicion Theory through our specialized Mendacious Coding System (MCS)***  and Visual Taxonomy Technology (VTT) to achieve clear results where participants report a marked increase in pinpointing visual truth indicators.

Interpersonal Suspicion Theory discerns the human tendency for intentional deception as the concealment of deliberate internal untruth revealed through innate outward, visual truth indicators. AmCor's Mendacious Coding System (MCS)**, developed in years of scientific analysis of human and feline behaviour, taxonomically interprets the over one million facial expressions, gestures and fashion faux pas associated with deception. After examining your metacommunicative functions, AmCor Officers' interpretive analysis is disclosed though a series of contoured drawings, eye-movement tracking lines and subjective diagrams of your face.

In a world where 91% of people lie regularly at work and at home, it is important to detect deception.  Refine your deception detection skills.  Sign up for AmCor's DDTP today!


AmCor’s®**  is a leader in the Deceptology industry, with advanced human technology incorporated by the CAI, the FIB and the HG to counter terrorism, including eco-extremists and advanced environmentalists. 

**  not guaranteed

*** Traditional methods of measuring guilt through systolic blood pressure, increased heart rate, rapid breathing and dilated pupils (the same symptoms of shyness, stress or lust), have proven to be less than accurate.  

HG - Harper Government