This conspiratorial paradox: Gunther Reising assesses AmCor DDTP Minneapolis

Interactive art exhibit “Liar! Liar!” offers a critique of state surveillance and control

"Liar! Liar!" opened Friday at the Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis.

At the exhibit’s entrance, two security guards sternly asked people to remove their shoes and show the contents of their bags. These security guards were merely actors, but apart from a single grumpy senior who wouldn’t remove his shoes, everyone obeyed.

This was precisely what artists Amy Modahl and Corrine Thiessen wanted to reveal with their exhibit Friday at the Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis — our unthinking obedience to anything posing as authority.

“What kind of tacos did you eat? Why chicken and not beef?” Thiessen said, interrogating an exhibit-goer while posing as a lie detecting security agent, which she and her partner did for the entire two hours of the exhibit opening.

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AmCor Executives Nominated to Head the Office of the Ministry of Truth

AmCor executive CEOs have been nominated to head the official Office of the Ministry of Truth!  Before confirmation of pre-confirmed acting cabinet leaders, the executives will be vetted through a series of intense digital online hearings.  AmCor's motto is Where the Truth Lies, which initially caught the attention of the administrative committee and lead to a series of discussions regarding our vision for this newly commissioned office.  

AmCor methods and mission have been identified as filling a gap in the current administration which lacks state omniscience.  Our international reputation for interrogation has established AmCor as a leader in exposing propaganda, totally made up facts, unverified reports, FAKE NEWS, and rooting out those GUILTY AS HELL! Our tested aesthetic detection methods will succeed in exposing untruths through analogue rendering in propia persona, as well as our carefully honed and scientifically tested verifiable digital audial tools.

This cabinet creation is part of the Transition of Power and will result in a newly formed branch of the Executive Office devoted to Aesthetic Investigative Methods (AIM).  AmCor is committed to identifying when Green is Red and hopes this appointment will expand our mission to protect and serve communities and private citizens.

AmCor returns from international mission

After 17 months abroad, working with international and governmental security services and political agencies, Deception Detection leaders AmCor Inc have returned to North America to continue their essential educational workshops with the Canadian and American public.  At AmCor we believe that training individual citizens is a highly crucial factor in decreasing the growing rate of prevarication among the wide general public and beyond. 



After identifying Minneapolis, Minnesota as rating highest for per capita liars on the National Prevarication Index, AmCor confirmed it's first broad-based partnership with SOO Visual Art Centre located in central Minneapolis to provide DDTP services during a 3 week period starting June 3, 2017.  AmCor is now accepting applications for our training program.  Drop-ins will also be welcome.